Winter Refuses to Leave


I am officially ready for the end of winter in Upstate, New York.  I have been ready for this since the first of many “polar vortex” patterns.  My porch needs to be painted and my husband needs to take down the Christmas lights that didn’t work after about 3 nights of being lit.  Everything finally melted yesterday.  It was a sloppy mud pit walking from the house to car.  Robins were chirping.  Spring was in the air.  Now today schools for hundreds of miles around us are closed and neighbors are shoveling.  I usually wait for the snow to stop before I shovel but it’s not supposed to stop until we have 14-18 inches.  Days like today can only be declared pajama days in our house.

It will be over soon.  In like a lion, out like a lamb.  The birds will chirp again.  The snow will melt.  The mud will suck our shoes off our feet.  Many will soon be complaining about the heat.  Another season passes by.