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Andy and Ace … Dogs from the Rescue, to the Rescue


Meet Andy and Ace.  They are both rescue dogs in once sense or another.  Andy was rescued by very good friends of ours approximately 6 years ago.  It was a story of the owners moving and not being able to take him with them.  Our friends already had 3 dogs but took him in as well because they couldn’t stand the thought of him going to a shelter and possibly not making it out.  They couldn’t find a home that they thought was suitable for him so they kept him until they met our family.

Our family was not ever going to own a dog.  We have no need for another mouth to feed.  We always said that we love dogs, we’re just not dog people.  Our decision to get a dog came when I had been working a job over a hundred miles away.  I left on Monday morning and came back Friday evening every week for 2 years.  Our daughters needed extra love.  A dog was the perfect solution and our friends had an amazing dog that they wouldn’t give to just any family.  Yes, if you are reading this right, I, working mom, was replaced by a dog.


Andy (rottie, lab, bloodhound mix) turned out to be the best decision that we ever made.  The girls had found an unconditional love that they desperately needed while Mom was gone.  He is a patient snuggler, always listens and a protector of the family.  He is 14 yrs old though and we know that the blessing of having him with us will not last forever so we began our search for a younger dog to join our family.

I saw Ace (mastiff shepherd mix) online through a dog rescue.  His picture seemed to speak to me.  I inquired about him.  He comes from a rough background and has diabetes insipidus which leads us to believe that he was hit very hard on the head.  The rescue is closer to Ohio.  I called to find out if they would consider adopting to me even though I’m about 3 hours away.  Come to find out, Ace was being fostered 7 miles from my home.  This was taken as a sign from God that this was meant to be!  From the first day that we had Ace I couldn’t imagine our family without him.  He is playful, loving and an extreme guard dog.  If someone is physically ill or emotionally distraught, he WILL NOT leave their side for anything or anyone.


These dogs have provided my family, and especially my daughters, with so much love.  They went from the role of being rescued, to the role of rescuer.