The Perfect People Are Liars

ImageI would love to be one of those moms that was able to post beautiful pictures of my perfect children having a happy and harmonious day.  Exactly how does that work in other homes?  It seems that everyone on every social media outlet have this perfection … every single day.  The picture above is one of two pictures I’ve ever taken of all three of my beans somewhat looking into the camera.  It was a glorious day because there is one other photo that was also acceptable.  It has been blown up and printed.  It now hangs in several rooms in our home with the idea that there will never be another that comes even close to “print worthy.”  These photos were taken eight years ago.  Although I try and try again to get them all in one good and happy photo … it fails almost every time.  You would believe (as I have fooled myself to believe) that as they get older, this process would get easier.  This is nonsense.  As they get older they can fight more about the picture taking process.  I have great pictures of the girls by themselves and with one other sibling but trying to get all three of them together in one photo (all smiling and looking happy) is something I’ve considered impossible.

There were two other acceptable photos.  One from last summer and one from Christmas two years ago.  I cherish these pictures because they are so rare.  Then I see pictures of other family sibling groups on social media.  Their day is filled with sunshine and perfection everyday.  They post pictures of their angels smiling into the camera and doing cute things that only perfect children who are part of perfect families can do.

My pictures consist of silly kids making crazy faces doing awkward dances for the camera.  The chaos is evident even in the photos.  There are dogs walking by, an article of clothing in the background, a dish that did not get taken to the sink … you get the picture?  If not, here are typical examples.

The crazy kid dancing the silly dance with wacky clothes and makeup (note the blue Wegman’s bag on the floor) …Image

The girls decided to put on Dad’s shirt and disassemble their old My Size Barbie’s arms and legs for use as their as their arms (random shoes and water bottle on floor) …


And we can’t forget Wacky Wednesday from school spirit week …

ImageAs I look at these pictures, I think that we are a completely normal family and all those other people are liars.  Their life can’t possibly be THAT perfect.  For me to get the angelic pictures like the ones that others post, I would have to bribe and scream for hours pay someone else to have their children pose for my family pictures.

I’m so thankful for all these crazy fun memories.  We do live in a certain sense of chaos but it’s a happy chaos.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Not even like the perfect people.  It’s just not worth it to lie.


Note to Self: Never EVER buy SELF

So I really don’t buy many women’s magazines.  I don’t have a subscription to SELF and I can’t see myself ever having one.  If there ever came a time where I might have wavered on this … well, I won’t ever subscribe to, buy a copy of, pick up a copy off a waiting room table, or even look at a copy of SELF magazine again.

I am compassionate toward people and their battle with cancer having been a radiation therapist for the last two years.  I read about Monika Allen and what SELF did to her here.  Here’s a quick rundown of what happened.  Monika Allen was a cancer patient undergoing chemotherapy for a brain tumor.  She ran a marathon in a tutu.  A picture was snapped by a SELF magazine photographer and she was asked her permission to use it.  End of story.  Well, not really.  When it was posted almost a year later, the magazine made fun of her tutu wearing antics, and I quote, “A racing tutu epidemic has struck NYC’s Central Park, and it’s all because people think these froufrou make you run faster.  Now, if you told us they make people run away from you faster, maybe we would believe it.”  Should a women’s magazine that claims to promotes a woman’s physical fitness and SELF confidence be BULLYING a woman, or anyone for that matter, based on their wardrobe worn while running a marathon? 

Although I have no idea how Monika did what she did physically while undergoing cancer treatment, that’s not the issue at hand.  I actually am impressed with the fact that anyone can run a marathon.  I consider it an amazing feat to be able to overcome intense physical pain and exhaustion in the way that any marathon runner must.  I wouldn’t know because I can’t do it …yet, I may use this as inspiration to start running again.  I hope to one day at least huff my way through a 5KThe fact that a woman’s fitness magazine would make fun of any woman running a marathon for any reason is repulsive to me.

To be somewhat fair, SELF Magazine is running a self-serving interview/apology with Monika Allen.  It’s the least they could do after bullying someone from their own target market.  DUMB and INSENSITIVE.

So if you want to support Monika and her cause, Glam Runner is the place to go!  You see, those tutu’s she wears?  Her company makes and sells them.  The proceeds go toward charities that support cancer victims and cancer research.  Wow SELF Magazine, really?

And Monika, you are a hero to not only victims of cancer, but to all women.  You go on being that Brain Cancer Warrior!  An inspiration, a hero, a role model and a warrior is what you are!